Men’s Category 4 Race Season Recap

Wow, what an awesome year! This incredible year was made possible by great people, who experienced great growth, and wound up achieving great results as a team. Even if you didn’t end up on the podium as outlined below, you contributed to the success of the Cat 4 squad. Thank you Brad Wiltfong, Luke Hall, Alex Stephens, Brent Andersen, Reimund Manneck, Jon Mayfield, Will Peterson, Kyle Sabatini, Jake Young, and Chris James. Let this recap provide some motivation for the next couple months ahead of the 2017 racing season!


Spring Fling Series – Cat 4/5

Brad 1st

Luke 2nd

Tim 5th


This five race crit series was highlighted by Brad soloing off the front after the first prime during the 2nd week and repeating that effort during the 3rd week, this time with Luke, even when everyone knew it was coming.


Perry Dam Series – Cat ¾

1st race

Luke 1st

2nd race

Luke 2nd

Brad 3rd


There was some out of town flavor at this race as it took place during spring break and several racers decided to pay a visit. In the first race Brad went solo off the front again (that’s what Brad do). In the final lap Luke countered on the flat before the final climb when the peloton caught Brad. Luke went on to hold on to win by 2 seconds over the field.

The second race made for a more eventful and spectacular day of racing. Shortly into the start of the race Luke had suffered a puncture and lost contact with the field. Brad took notice, helped Luke get back to the wheel pit to get a spare, and helped him catch back on with the group. A real team effort! The two of them put the hammer down and caught back on, then decided that wasn’t enough and broke away with another rider. The three of them worked together to keep the field from catching and to take the steps on the podium.


Jayhawk Classic Road Race – Cat 4/5

Brad – 1st

Kyle – 2nd

Alex – 3rd

Luke – 4th


This is where we first saw what Velotek and great teamwork can contribute to amazing results. With the field all together Kyle and Alex attacked and went off the front toward the end of lap 1/5. The two of them working together putting in a hard effort and us blocking in the field, they were able to hold that gap. With one lap to go Brad and Luke bridged up to Kyle and Alex making it a four man Velotek break away. The 4 of them finished off the front together.


Jayhawk Classic Criterium – Cat 4/5

Brad – 1st

Luke – 2nd

Kyle – 3rd


More off the front shenanigans between Luke and Brad, Kyle won the sprint for 3rd finishing off the last step of the podium. A VeloTek clean sweep of the podium spots for the weekend!


Bazaar RR – Cat 4

Will – 1st


Will gets on the board in the Cat 4s with a long range sprint effort in a shattered wind swept field.


Joe Martin Stage Race – Cat 4

Luke – 1st GC

Brad – 7th GC

Kyle – 9th GC

Luke – 1st Time Trial

Brad – 1st Crit


Luke had been targeting the JMSR climb all winter and did not disappoint, crushing the climb for a 29 second advantage in GC. When the results came in between the Time Trial and the Road Race only a few hours later it was a joyful yet frantic situation. With the help of Jack Funk, we conjured up a plan to make sure that Luke was able to maintain his lead for the day. Brad once again managed a solo break away win in the Crit on Sunday, this time on a regional stage, going off the front with one to go. With two days of bunch field sprints Luke could hold on and win the GC title at Joe Martin.


VeloTek Grand Prix – Cat 4

Kyle – 1st GC

Will – 5th GC

Tim – 7th GC

Kyle – 2nd TT

Kyle – 1st Crit

Kyle – 3rd RR


After Joe Martin Luke and Brad upgraded to Cat 3, now it was time for the next group to step up to the plate and they wasted no time making a name for themselves. On the first day Kyle got 2nd in the TT, and later that day won the sprint finish on the Crit to vault into the GC lead! Sunday was a 29 mile 2-lap Road Race, and with this being a timed stage race, a solo rider who early into the race stayed off the front for ¾ of the race and was a real threat to the GC standings. Once the field had caught him, the attacks started coming and as a team we were able to cover every move. Kyle finished it off to maintain his GC win.


Salt City Criterium Classic

Will – 1st Downtown Hutch

Brent – 1st KS State Fairgrounds


Will took the sprint on day 1 and Brent took the sprint on day 2. A nice team effort! This also put Will into a commanding lead in KBAR.


Tour of KC Omnium – Cat 4

Tim – 3rd Omnium

Tim – 2nd TT

Will – 1st Circuit

Tim – 3rd Circuit


I was excited to see what my new Trek Madone and how coming into great form could benefit me this weekend of racing, and I wound up 2nd in the TT! The Cliff Drive Circuit race was later in the day and Will’s job was to cover any attacks, the last of which occurred before the climb with one go. Since the two biggest teams were represented in the break, there were not enough people to chase those two down. Leading up the hill finish his breakaway companion was not able to hang on and Will finished solo with me behind in 3rd. Unfortunately, the next day I spilled in a corner in the crit and couldn’t contest the omnium win, but did manage to hang on for 3rd.


Sunflower State Games – no placings


Three of us got caught in a crash 1000 meters out. I guess you can’t win em’ all!


Tour of Lawrence

Kyle – 3rd Haskel Circuit

Will – 1st Downtown Crit (KS State Crit Championship)


The Haskel crit was technical but Kyle and Will were able to make it into a select break of four and hung on for 3rd. In the Downtown crit, I went off the front with 3 to go. Will was able to follow wheels until I was caught on the last lap and then crushed the sprint for the KS State Crit Championship, checking off one of his 2016 goals of getting a State Championship title.


Truman Cup Omnium

Tim – 1st Omni

Tim – 2nd TT

Tim – 2nd Circuit


I got 2nd in the TT like I had in the Tour of KC. In the road race, Alex was instrumental in positioning me toward the front and pulling on the climb, and I finished in 2nd place with a nice lead in the omnium points. I managed only 5th in the crit, narrowing claiming the omnium win!


Natural State Criterium Series

Tim – 1st New American Town Crit


On day 1, I pulled a “Wiltfong” and attacked solo after the final prime with 4 laps to go. I managed to stay away and beat the field to the line by 18 seconds. On day 2, we did not have as much good fortune, although this was a fun event which I would recommend attending.


Kansas State Road Race – Salina

Tim – 1st


I was in need of a few more upgrade points and Will was gracious enough to do the heavy lifting in this one. During the final 30 miles, I mostly just sat on with the goal of doing next to nothing. That kept me fresh enough to win the sprint for the Kansas State Road Race Championship title! Will was also able to clinch his KBAR title on this day.


Gateway Cup

Tim – 3rd Omni


One of the last events of the year was the Gateway Cup in St. Louis. Jake Young, Alex Stephens, and Dan Robertson were great race companions for the weekend. I finished 5th once and 4th twice in the four day race series without being able to contest the other finish due to a late flat. This was good enough for 3rd in the omnium points placing for the weekend.


I want to thank all my Velotek teammates for a fantastic year! The number of wins and State titles we attained this year seems unreal. These wins wouldn’t be possible without the support from our sponsors. Thank you Trek Bicycle Stores of Kansas City and North American Aviation. I know that next year and the years to come we all on Velotek will work, grow, and enjoy each other’s company together for future racing seasons!