GP Women cool off after Hot Summer

After a long hard summer of chasing KBAT points the GP VeloTek women had to settled for second place in the Kansas Best All Around Team award.  They pulled together but just lost out on the top of the podium. They eagerly await the 2013 KBAT season and they are working hard to recruit and develop women new to competitive Road cycling. Team GP VeloTek has a history of helping beginner women develop elite skills.  Check out VeloTek alumni and two time National Champion Jacky Denny’s palmares. Jacky’s not the only National champion that learned how to race Criteriums at the Spring Fling.

The hard work of Julie, Bri, Ann, A’Laina and Laura have grown the team considerably over the hot 2012 Kansas summer. With a week to go before Gateway Cup in St. Louis and with Julie Funk spectating the Tour of Colorado the ladies met at the 8am LBC Muffin Ride. Chilly temps and a steady rain scared off the majority of the men and the normally sized ride at 50 to 60 riders shrunk to 25. Pretty cool to see a new rider ride their first group ride ever, let alone the tough conditions.

Coach Jim recruited a new junior Isabella who has been supported by 360’s Racing Bill Anderson in her quest to improve her cycling. The women’s junior team with Megan and Hannah have really done well with Megan taking the Junior women’s KBAR. Check out all the great individual results from VeloTek women.

A’Laina is holding Thursday night 6pm to 7pm women’s riders at a steady pace of 13 to 15mph. She’ll adjust the ride based on who shows up. Contact us through the web site for more info. We are looking for not just racers but anybody wanting to improve their cycling ability.